So Charly was at the Royal Hotel in Bondi for a karaoke night in April 2017, when a friend asked her to sing backing vocals on Teenage Dirtbag and Dave "DJ" Jackson, the legendary music man at the Royal, heard her and asked if she had enough songs to come back and play a set one night.

She'd been busking up at Bondi Junction, so she had a lot of songs and so she did the set that Sunday. And that turned into a residency on Sunday nights for the next 16 weeks or something.

And then one night in August, her brother Themba was there and he jumped on stage for a duet, and then DJ said to them "you have to do a set with the two of you", so they did and then that turned into a Sunday residency and so Aikonawena was born.

"Eye-konna-where-nah" - is how you say it.


Photo: Daisy Hofstetter